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This image was placed on very rough concrete. Look closely and

you will see - there is no distortion of the image whatsoever.

This image was done on drywall with venetian plaster. The lines were ridged and there were metal studs attached prior to the image being put on the drywall.

The image was then applied to the drywall and once again look closely: no distortion.

This is an installation on a cinder block wall. The image goes right into the groves

of the cinder block and it looks like it is painted.

This was another installation and a quite difficult one, as the substrate was very rough. Look at the result.

The Tattoowall can do what no other imaging product can do – go directly onto the substrate with no distortion of the image.

These boards were done on Sintra. The smooth one was first treated with venetian plaster and the image applied on top of the plaster to give texture.

The second image was rough and again you can see there is no distortion.